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Healing Herbal Products for Health and Healing

We are the makers of Healing Herbal Remedies, salves and tinctures, using the bounty of botanicals as natural aids for healing, that promote wellness and enhance stress reduction.

Our most popular salves include: Amazing Muscle Balm, Miracle Salve, Dream Crème NightBalm, and Deep Tissue Healing. Critter Cure Compound is our herbal remedy for pet ouchies. Our specialty salves are Sensitive Skin Soothing Salve for the relief of eczema, acne and psoriasis, Roasty Toasty Toesy Salve, a warming balm to enhance circulation, and Black Drawing Ointment for drawing out toxins and impurities so tissues can heal.

Our tinctures/extracts are formulas for internal use provide heightened nutrition to boost the body’s healing ability. They include: Cayenne Tincture, Detox Tea, Elderberry Extract, Feverfew Tincture, Hawthorn Tincture MemoriTea, Passion Flower Tincture, and an Herbal Tonic for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis Relief.