AAA WomenWorks

Herbal Salves for Soothing Life's Ouchies

We began making herbal remedies as a hobby in 1990. We believe in the wisdom of the "grand-mothers" who knew the healing powers of herbs. We feel privileged to follow in their footsteps and we honor them by offering a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical chemicals. The key ingredients we intentionally include in all our products are Love and Healing Light.

Norma Wottlin, CEO of AAA-Womenworks, Inc. and Joleene Unnerstall, Master Herbalist, are two women who enjoyed their professional careers as teachers who have turned a hobby into a business during their retirement. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and love of botanicals and our healing herbal aids with others. We follow the traditional methods of herbal salve and tincture making, time-tested by mothers and grandmothers for centuries. Without the wisdom the grandmothers possessed for using herbs for health and healing, many of our ancestors would not have survived and we would not be here to enjoy our lives.

We are delighted that so many people are returning to the earlier wisdom for health and healing based in natural products. While some pharmaceutical products can provide some benefits, they often have a host of negative side-effects.

Before WWII, when someone took a doctor’s prescription to be filled by a pharmacist, it was compounded from real herbs. After WWII, when petrochemical companies had bolstered revenue from making such products as mustard gas, pharmaceutical products were created with the concept of “better living through chemistry.” Such inorganic compounds tend to interfere with the body’s natural healing ability that herbs enhance and nourish.

Our Personal Guarantee:

We proudly guarantee our products 100%! Any customer who is not satisfied with AAA-WomenWorks, Inc. herbal products will receive a refund. In twenty-five years of making herbal products, we are pleased to report that no one has experienced any negative side-effects while using our herbal remedies. Instead, our customers frequently express their delight with the beneficial results they receive from using our botanical formulas.

Jo and Norma